A touring exhibition and cooperation between 5 different organisations in the Barents area. The main theme in Territories is migration/transfer.

The institutions are:

Norway: Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter Svolvær
Norway: The girls at Broen Kirkenes.
Finland: Northern Photographic Center, Oulu.
Russia: Archangelian International Cultural Center
Sweden: Havremagasinet County Art Hall, Boden.

The exhibition runs between institutions and is various in each place. The theme around migration and transfer has a different aspect per venue. When the exhibition opens, at the Havremagasinet 10th of February, the exhibition is placed in the city of Boden in Sweden and the theme migration/transfer is from a humanist perspective.


Each country are represented by two artists or an artist groups from each country:

NORWAY Kristin Tårnes and Jet Pascua
FINLAND Minna Rainio & Mark Robert and Antti Tenez
RUSSIA Nogr (Nadia Degtyareva and Nick Degtyarev)
SWEDEN Knutte Wester and Pilar de Burgos


Especially invited to the exhibition at Havremagasinet are:

Oscar Guermouche
Loulou Cherinet

The four Swedish artists will create new artwork especially for this exhibition at Havremagasinet.