Mutuum, Ana González’ most recent project, made in collaboration with the biologist Santiago Ramírez accounts for a social order based on collaboration and reciprocity between different species. Using a variety of scientific objects such as pictures, data, taxonomies of floras and insects, location maps as well as artistic objects like handmade porcelain pieces, drawings and embroideries, Mutuum explicates the sophisticated relationship between the Gongora orchid and the Euglossa bee. As science tells us, the orchid needs the pollen that the Euglossa bee transports for its pollination, and the bee, in turn, needs the orchid’s scent to attract the female bee and reproduce. This type of exchange, known as mutualism in biology, improves the survival opportunities of individuals from different species. The same applies for the rare collaboration between two distinctive disciplines, science and art.

About the artist
Ana González academic background covers architecture, visual arts and editing. She makes artworks in the media of drawing, painting, photography, video, installation, embroidery and porcelain.

Looking into inherited culture, collective memory and narrations of displacement, her art practice is based on her experience of listening carefully to people and artisans who have been displaced by armed conflicts and migrated to cities. Her interest in handicrafts and family traditions, and her passion for investigating women´s life and perspective from an artistic and scientific point of view have been her recurrent inspirations.

Ana González´s works are collected by museums in South America and the U.S.A. and they are in private collections around the world.