You can not overestimate the value of a local cultural history. In Norrbotten a big part of this history is written by The Boden School – 14 artists who from the fifties and onwards came to play an important role, not only for the city but for the whole county’s arts scene.

Therefore Havremagasinet has granted one floor to the building to the artists of The Boden School during the exhibition summers. To show these treasure of pictures at the top of the building has created a symbolic and substantial roof to the contemporary and international art in the rest of the house.

Boden is a relatively young city, with a history that is intimately associated with the 1900s military defense strategy. The military base attracted people from all over Sweden, with many cultural interests. So it came about that Boden’s art guild already in the forties staged exhibitions with many of the great names in the art scene. The thirst for education was great and the following years there were courses in drawing, painting and art history.

The group of artists later came to be known as The Boden School. They were more or less self-taught artists who found each other through workshops and course activities. They never had any artistic manifesto, but they inspired and supported each other, arranged exhibitions and developed together.

So it came that Boden even in the seventies, despite of it’s size, had the most professional artists connected to the KRO (Artist Organization). It was also where Norrbotten first municipal art gallery established.

But the local art history did not of course end with The Boden School. In the exhibition After The Boden School, we show 14 contemporary artists, all with roots in or related to the city. To give them plenty of room, we have divided them into two groups, one of which exhibits the summer of 2014 and the second in 2015.

First up is Jan-Anders Eriksson, PO Holmstrom & Eva Asker, Stig Lundgren, Yessiqa Lövbrand, Bertil Sundstedt and Karin EE von Törne Haern. 2015, they are followed by Åsa Bergdahl, Bengt Frank, Lena Ylipää & Anita Ylipää, Simon Berg, Kerstin Hedstrom, Marianne Wikström and Eva Zettervall.

The closure of the military units and the county hospital have obviously hit Boden hard, not least in terms of population. Today there is an influx of new residents, including by people who fled the world’s conflict areas to seek refuge in the old military town. Furthermore, a new artistic life has started to sprout as a result of the focus on both the Havremagasinet and Bodens Konstgille with a new central showroom. Some of the artists exhibiting in After The Boden School has moved into or returned to their old home town. In other words, it is high time to revive the art city of Boden.