For the second summer in a row, Havremagasinet shows the exhibition Efter Bodenskolan (After Boden School) where contemporary artists, all connected to the town, Boden, participate.

Last summer we made space for seven artists, this year it is time for another seven. Altogether, there will be 14 artists, just as many as the ones who once founded the group, which by posterity would come to be known as Bodenskolan (the Boden School).

During these exhibition summers, Havremagasinet has always dedicated an entire floor to the Boden School which has created a symbolic roof over the contemporary and international art in the remaining parts of the building, as a reminder of local culture history’s value. Boden is a relatively young town with a history that is intimately associated with the military defence strategies of the 20th century.

Investing in the military attracted people from all of Sweden, many with cultural interests. As early as in the 1940’s Boden’s art guild arranged exhibitions with many well-known names of that time. The thirst for knowledge was great and during the years to come drawing, painting and art history classes emerged.

On this breeding ground, the artists of the Boden School found each other. They probably did not think of each other as a group, the Boden School is a term made up by posterity. They never wrote any manifests; however, they inspired and supported each other, arranged exhibitions and developed together. Boden turned into an active art town with many professional visual artists and it was here that Norrbotten’s very first communal art gallery was established.

Of course, history did not end there, which is plain to see in the exposition of the contemporary artists in the exhibitions Efter Bodenskolan (After the Boden School), which has been divided into two groups in order to provide more space.

Participants in this year’s exhibition:

  • Simon Berg
  • Bengt Frank
  • Kerstin Hedström
  • Marianne Wikström
  • Lena Ylipää & Anita Ylipää
  • Eva Zettervall

Curator Havremagasinet