Born in 1985, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
Lives and works in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

Emanuel Tegene’s artistic career started as a coincidence, almost as an accident. Like any boy of his age, he dreams of a career as a footballer. He ignores his talent for drawing. The trigger is an art contest.

In 2008, Tegene integrates the Ale School of Fine Art and Design. He quickly finds a job as a cartoonist for the newspaper Saloon Ethiopia. Although very involved in his work and his studies he leaves Addis Ababa to join his father who lives in Jerusalem, Israel. Nevertheless, Tenege does not forsake painting. Later, he leaves Israel for Ethiopia where his career is taking off. This leads him to present his work in the most important institution of the country.

Obviously impregnated by his personal history as well as by the history that binds’ Ethiopia and Israel, Tegene’s work deals with the social and cultural interaction based on the geographical location and psychological barriers.

Most of the works revolve around the social interaction that may or may not be bound by geographical, social and psychological boundaries. Through his work of a minimalist and non-traditional style, the artist invites the viewer to appropriate his work by encouraging the latter to interpret and reinterpret the stakes of his paintings.