Born in Nairobi, Kenya
Lives in Nairobi, Kenya and works at the Kuona Trust Art Center in Nairobi, Kenya.

Jackie Karuti’s artistic approach is constantly changing. She does not appear to be satisfied with a single medium: paintings, installations, film, photography, literature, dancing.

She seeks to tackle the viewer with the most effective form of expression: the performance. Thus, she states that performance allows a level of expression that the painting cannot satisfy. Nevertheless, she does not neglect painting. She adapts the form of expression to the requirements of her discourse.

Although performance seems to be the predilection media of her artistic language, paintings and installations appear to complement an extended artistic vision based on the notion of subjectivity. It is indeed for her own sake that she feels the need to express her feeling, emotion and moreover her point of view.

Karuti is mainly inspired by the problematics of identity and gender that impacts her life as a woman and as an artist. Her own position as an African woman but also as an African artist living in Kenya, in Africa, emphasizes her will to change ignorant clichés. She does acknowledge neither the idea of tradition, of “Africaness” in art, nor the fashionable idea of: “I am a Kenyan artist”. She says instead “I am an artist from Kenya”