Born in 1986, Le Blanc Mesnil, France
Lives and works in Paris, France

Originally from Martinique, Julien Creuzet explores identity issues specific to the Caribbean – point of confluence of various cultures, African, European, and Indian. The fragmented geography of these regions has profoundly branded him and is now influencing his work structures.

Opera-archipelagos, a set of disparate objects which nevertheless form a whole, are a kind of modern artifacts of a bygone time but certainly still present. Photographs and videos emerge from planes. A telephone, a magic wand, reminds the function of those big shells that once were used by the natives as a means of communication. Here the shell records images and captures the effects of the sheer weight of history carried by the Caribbean.

The historical dimension of this installation also carries the weight of a longstanding fantasy built by and for the “mother country”, France. Rameau’s opera entitled Les Indes galantes, depicts a trivial sense of exoticism made of a romantic conquest of the far away.

Creuzet’s work cannot be more in line with Victor Segalan’s idea expressed in his Essai on Exoticism. He states: “the sensation of Exoticism…is nothing other than the notion of difference, the perception of Diversity, the knowledge that something is other than one’s self: the ability to conceive otherwise.”