Born in Gothenburg, Sweden, 1970
Lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden and Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

Loulou Cherinet studied art at the Addis Ababa University School of Fine Art and Design in Ethiopia and the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, Sweden.

Cherinet’s work takes its source in her immediate environment. Whether through her plastic or filmographic work, she shares and provides the viewer with a critical and questioning look on the society that surrounds and undeniably shapes her. If one may give the artist’s work an ethnographic dimension, it seems that Cherinet’s work results from a humanistic approach and maybe an introspection. Would it be a shortcut to see in her work – and particularly in her film – a kind of transposition of the hybrid character of the artist, fostered by her distant travels and mixed heritage?

Indeed, one quickly discerns a historical perspective in her artistic choices. It highlights her cultural hybridity in its broadest sense. Cherinet constructs and deconstructs the artistic dialogue through a narrative based on everyday life and customs of men and women. The aesthetic bias of the artist, combining the documentary style to the avant-garde, is a subtle way to disguise the obvious of her discourse.