Born in Sweden, 1974
Lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden

Love Enqvist combines various and varied elaborated processes in order to explore the process of living with one another and the conditions it requires. He constantly questions the fragmented and mysterious links between people to such an extent that this reflection turns into an introspection similar to the reflection of the image in the mirror.

His observations are shaping his work in a flourishing utopian vision expressed through architecture, community and personal reflections. The artist integrates elements that are usually given over to architecture, politics, philosophy, science and even esoteric thought. Therefore, art forms are reduced to the state of a trivial element, itself included in a complete thought process.

The intellectual journey of the artist takes multiple forms and aspects: film, performance, sound, photography, drawings and objects. However, Enqvist’s thoughts still seem elusive and shadowy, in that their concrete form shifts from a physical to an imaginary perspective.

Enqvist holds an MFA from the Royal University College of Fine Arts, Stockholm, Sweden. His work has been shown at Kuvataide Gallery, Helsinki, Finland (2002), Uppsala Art Museum, Uppsala, Sweden (2007), Rogaland Kunstsenter, Stavanger, Norway (2010) and Varberg Art Hall (2015).