Born in Kampala, Uganda, 1958
Lives and works between London, UK and Bern, Switzerland

Said Adrus is an Independent Visual Artist who focuses on new technology as much in terms of creation as in presentation of works and installations with the use of digital photos. On several occasions, especially where his installations are concerned, Adrus combines his digital media work with raw materials such as jute, cotton, hessian or wood.

The choice of these materials is not a random choice. Their presence emphasizes the actual meaning of the work: a journey from African and Asian shores to the Western hemisphere, like human migration and emigration in the present context. Indeed these are the contemporary issues of Diaspora, of Britishness so often spoken about, that interest the artist because they uncover broader matters such as identity, belonging and even loyalty to a place or country. Therefore, one can admit that the exiled is caught between the status of both foreigner and local or national.

Said Adrus’ installations are a testimony. They are mainly based on his own experience as a East African subsequently living in India and the United Kingdom. In his video installations he delicately highlights the cultural and religious similarities as well as their differences in order to question them. His residence in various countries is a further occasion to explore the subject.