Born in 1977, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
Lives and works in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

Tamrat Gezahegne has studied indigenous knowledge and wisdom of African and more specifically the Ethiopian people of the Omo Valley. His interest focuses on their dressings, sayings, cultures, medicines, judiciary systems and beliefs, essence of their identity. Unlike an anthropologist, his attention is not drawn to the people as a whole but to the individual within the group, the bearer of the cultural identity of the latter.

From this notion of the individual belonging to the indigenous group, himself owned by an ecosystem on which he is dependent, Gezahegne features paintings, drawings and performance. The viewer then dives into a world, a dimension to which he is a total foreigner, where the artist knows that he will lose his social and aesthetic cues.

Bright, vibrant and attractive colours, experimentation, performance and manuscripts in which he consigns observations, have developed a universe in which the viewer is projected. Although this can generate discomfort, this state of return to the roots of humanity is encouraged by the artist. It is an opportunity to ‘rejoice with the spirit’. Indeed, the artist can then mold the viewer to make the latter able to glance at the artist perception from the inside.