Havremagasinet and curator Mattias Nilsson, founding member of the Kning Disk label, take great pleasure in presenting the Counterpoint exhibition. A dizzying odyssey through fragmented landscapes, linguistic juxtapositions, sound séances and expanding time resolutions.

Counterpoint is a musical composition technique, a production tool for entwining different independent voices to create a unified whole. The works that will be displayed during the autumn exhibition will operate in the same way: through resolution, juxtaposition, disintegration, collage pieces, politics, magic and madness. Everything pulses and crackles in this most vibrant exhibition by a number of artists who all transform reality “as we know it,” based on a highly personal, intentional imprint and impression.

Participating artists:

  • Robert Henke/Tarik Barri
  • Gunvor Nelson
  • Billy Klüver/Andy Warhol
  • Carolina Falkholt
  • Åke Hodell
  • Öyvind Fahlström
  • Dan Fröberg/Alexandra E. Lindh
  • Peter Johansson

Curator: Kning Disk’s Mattias Nilsson

Opening on November 7 at 12 noon
Live during the opening: Powedove Solo (USA), MAG (Sweden)