Boden is the largest garrison in Sweden. This town of 30,000 inhabitants was, during the Cold War, the last bastion of Northern Europe against the Soviet Union. The entry of foreigners was then restricted. Signs were placed at the entrance of Boden and its surroundings: “ENTRY PROHIBITED TO ALIENS”.

Today the city is widely opened. It hosts many refugees from North Africa and the Middle East. On the borders of Swedish banks, it has become an increasingly popular tourist destination. Boden opens up to the world. The small isolated town is also part of a whole. Its identity is changing, and becomes another through others.

ENTRY PROHIBITED TO FOREIGNERS invites eleven international artists. Their works addresses the theme of mobility: how it transforms our way of life, its impact on our daily lives. How this mobility feeds our dreams and imagination of an entire society. The works deal with displacement in space, in time, in itself and others representation.They are interested in the flow of ideas and migration of Men, how they meet, how they connect, how they interact.

ENTRY PROHIBITED TO FOREIGNERS embraces different approaches to mobility. They observe the transitions taking place in us and in this globalized world. Poetic, individual and collective narratives are present in different visual forms with a large part to moving images.

The history of Boden and Havremagasinet art center are the basis of this aesthetic and human experience. Produced especially for the exhibition, works as a gesture of the artist Tamrat Gezahegne, reclaims the sign “ENTRY PROHIBITED TO FOREIGNERS,” and sets the tone.

Elise Atangana

Exhibited artists

Said Adrus (UK/India)
Loulou Cherinet (Sweden/Ethiopia)
Julien Creuzet (France)
Love Enqvist (Sweden)
Tamrat Gezahegne (Ethiopia)
Ahmad Ghossein (Lebanon)
Katia Kameli (France/Algeria)
Jackie Karuti (Kenya)
Mario Macilau (Mozambique)
Emanuel Tegene (Ethiopia)
Breeze Yoko (South Africa)