Swedish Titel: Brännpunkt Barents

In the exhibition  we will let artists from the Barents region meet and show art that discuss issues about the region they live and work in. The discussion of gas, oil and mining deposits in the region with the context of conflict is present in the exhibition as well as attempts to visualize a feeling; who are we, the inhabitants of this region, how do we see ourselves and the world around us?

Our intention is to show that art has a potential to be a force for Free speach, Peace and Democracy and leave an imprint in the region as well as the outside world. Can art visualize the exploitation of our natural resources in the region. Will the new gas and oil deposits that appear under the melting ice in the Arctic Ocean start up conflicts between the countries again? Will the interests of explore the region create conflicts between the local and minority populations against international developers and national governments?

From a Boden Perspective, Boden is the biggest military town in Sweden and was the main defense for the Northern Sweden against Russia and the Sovjet Union. A defence for the mining industry, power stations and steel factory. Important strategies for the whole northern Europe´s infrastructure. Havremagasinet, an old military building, has transformed into an art hall and is a part of Boden’s new identity. How has the perspectives shifted and what role does Boden play in the region today?

Participating artists: Kjetil Berge, Ivan Galuzin, Tuuli Mukka, RAKETA, Lena Stenberg, Anders Sunna, Kristin Tårnes and Ulf B Jonsson.