Gender Heart is an exhibition put together by the artist run Galleri Syster in Luleå. We are a meeting point for contemporary art and a room for talks and discussions. Our work is founded upon a feministic ground and we want to make a difference through investigating, challenging and deconstructing. We have an exhibition space in Luleå, but we also work in different cooperations and on other scenes. Gender Heart will be shown at Havremagasinet in Boden, one of Sweden’s largest art halls for contemporary art.

Galleri Syster has chosen artists who in different ways addresses gender norms and how they affect our lives and bodies. We live in a society that expresses the importance of upholding each individual’s equal value. We are asking ourselves if this is true, how do we deal with questions of diversity and equality? The exhibition shows art’s unique possibility to ask these questions in many different ways. In addition to the exhibition there will be workshops and lectures that further discusses the feminist deconstruction of power.

Curator: Sara Edström, Anja Örn och Therese Engström from Galleri Syster.

Picture: Jill Peters: Haki, from the series Sworn Virgins of Albania.