In his art gives Knutte Wester voice to people who do not have the opportunity to make themselves heard.

It is man, his life and his situation that is important. A recurring theme is the importance of leaving a trace; what is left when a person leaves a place, whether it is voluntary or involuntary. It can be institutionalized children in Riga, undocumented migrants in Sweden, or the homeless at a shelter in Brooklyn.

Wester is a narrator, or rather the narrator. Based on the ideas and impressions he creates sculptures, films, installations, and social projects moving around social themes such as alienation, inclusion and hierarchies. But always with those whose situation he wants to highlight.

The exhibition is titled Dawn without a name from the movie Dawn in a city without Name– a bearing work in the exhibition. The title alludes also to a recently done works – Untititeld (Rogers Ave, 6am on a Sunday morning) – as Wester created in a shelter in Brooklyn spring 2015th.

The exhibit also includes a new piece, a bronze sculpture depicting a hut that has arisen during Wester project A secret place, a project with undocumented refugees in Sweden that Wester started in 2012 and still is working with.

About the artist
Knutte Wester is a conceptually based artist. He works with video, sculpture, installations and social projects. His artistic work deals with social structures, power, history and participation.