An exhibition of photographic and film material of Swedish photographer and journalist Martin Adler.

Martin Adler (1958-2006) depicted the people and cultures through the camera. He reported from conflict zones and disaster areas around the world. Martin Adler was shot to death during a mission in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, leaving thousands of photographs and hundreds of hours of filmed material behind.

The focus of the exhibition is Adler’s worldwide work and strong picture stories. Martin Adler had an ability to depict the individual in the midst of all the chaos – to capture the moment.

His work is characterized by curiosity and a genuine interest in highlighting the people and their stories where press freedom was most threatened. Adler worked in over thirty countries and exposed the human rights violations, poverty, and the individual’s vulnerability.

The exhibition includes photographs, slide shows and short films including Afghanistan, India, Iraq, China, Liberia, Rwanda and Chechnya. Here we encounter the horrors of war, but also of war everyday, the children play, women’s work, close portrait and poetic landscape.

The exhibitions is produced by Västerås konstmuseum, in cooperation with Katarina Adler and Lindkvist Fotolab AB.

© Martin Adler / Panos Pictures Kabul, AFGHANISTAN Boy collecting firewood.

© Martin Adler / Panos Pictures
Boy collecting firewood.