During the month of January you can take part of the work that participants in the project Mötesplats Boden have created.

Mötesplats Boden (Meeting Point Boden) is an example of how a cultural institution with the help of art and creativity can promote health, integration and meetings in society.

The project is based on Boden’s transformation from being a closed city for people of foreign origin to become a receiving municipality for refugees and asylum seekers. Through art and educational activities, meetings have been created between the “old” bodensare and “new” bodensare. Participants have been women from SFI (Swedish for immigrants), “new” bodensare who have received residence permits, “old” bodensare aged 60+ and two groups of middle school children from the preparatory classes at Prästholm School.

With Havremagasinet’s exhibitions as a starting point, participants have to explore their creativity, collectively and individually. Participants have been working in a variety of materials and techniques, such as watercolor, acrylic, pastel, charcoal, sketching, sculpture, graffiti, textiles, film and more. The result of this work will be shown in the exhibition in January.

Mötesplats Boden was funded by the Postcode Lottery Cultural Foundation and the Norrbotten County Council. The project began in September 2014 and ended in January 2016 with the project exhibition.

Welcome to the opening January 9

11:00 Doors open

12:00 Opening speech

13:00 International Choir sings

14:30 The band Time Tune with musicians from Eritrea, now residing in Boden plays.

16:00 We close