International contemporary exhibition

The expansion of our horizons always involves an encounter with another being. In those encounters we can choose to remain distant and build a wall against new and foreign influences, or we can be open and allow ourselves to be addressed, to be moved, to be prompted to act and to vacate the self-sufficient “I” as a kind of possession. In either case, encounters do not leave us unaffected; every encounter imprints in ourselves a fragment of the other.

Through the work of contemporary artists of different origins, the exhibition One as Another explores how we are woven into each other in solidarity, joy, sorrow, aspirations, illusions, curiosity, hope, and fear. The works in the exhibition openly acknowledge the effects of cultural encounters, privileging mixing and blending over segregation, recognizing influences and exchanges before any pretention of pure origin. Such coexistence of beliefs and perspectives, most often converging, meeting and mixing rather than remaining separated or in opposition, propose a center space, a common ground where we recognize, despite all the differences that remain, all the multitudes that we celebrate, that, nonetheless, one is like another.

Text by curator Mariangela Méndez

Participating Artists:
Benvenuto Chavajay, Nicolás Consuegra, Carola Grahn, Ana González, Carlos Jacanamijoy, Dylan Miner, Sandra Monterroso, Delcy Morelos, Joar Nango, Mattias Olofsson, Edinson Quiñones, Liliana Sánchez, Pablo Sigg, Eduardo Soriano.