Pendant signifies counterpart, companion, parallel, or spouse.

It identifies or establishes a relation, a partner relationship to be exact, possibly even of an intimate note. Pendant thus speaks of forms of togetherness, correspondence or alliance, temporary or long lasting, novel or since long settled.

Also the pendulous movements in art through generations of artists and their artworks are largely generated from, exactly, relations, impressions and expressions in collaboration, influences and reactions in contemporary — within each generation — or historical dialogue — in conversation with forerunners and previous generations. That is to say that art — both art in general and the single work of art — are developed in contact, in connection, through affiliation, collaboration and cooperation. Works of art, do not appear from out of nowhere, from nothing, but from relations, collisions, contact, influence, where influence can take many forms, including negative, i.e. an impulse to develop something based upon not wanting to repeat or relate to the historical example. It is all a meandering, at times vertiginous cultural dialogue, or rather polylogue, where artists are conversing, discussing, negotiating; and where also artworks talk, hang out, separate or realize they belong together, are moved by or touched by, or repudiate each other. And after all, always changed or transformed in the encounter.

The exhibition Pendant organizes encounters between four artists of Bodenskolan — Sven Bohman, Stig Winnerskog, Bror Zachrisson and the only female artist of the Boden-school, June Montana Lorentz – and four artists active today in Norrbotten — Jette Andersen, Lennart Holmbom, Magnus Svensson and Brita Weglin. Four partner relationships are formed in the exhibition, across generations, bridging history and the present, relations that in some cases already existed, others that are completely new. A mutual bilateral dialogue that will influence and transform and illuminate in both directions; the mid-20th century era of the Bodenskolan artists and the vibrating present of those of today, where the latter’s contribution are largely works produced directly and specifically for this exhibition.

Text: Jan-Erik Lundström

About Bodenskolan (The Boden School)
Bodenskolan (The Boden School) is the name of the loose grouping of 14 artists in Boden, who in the 50s and 60s arranged courses, painting trips and exhibitions together; learned from and inspired each other. A number of these artists became well established and eventually could live on their artistry, while others had a civilian working life and devoted their spare time to their art. But together they all are an important part of Norrbotten’s art history and they – by striving and struggling in a culture climate more barren – helped to form the basis of today’s art life in Norrbotten.
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