A reorientation for Boden: from a closed military town to an open multicultural city. A peace project aiming to create understanding among cultures. An overwhelming experience of contemporary art of absolute world-class from Syria, Morocco, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon and the Nordic countries.

Boden, not long ago a closed military town and now going in for tourism and receiving refugees from trouble spots around the world, is like a compressed picture of the globalization taking place internationally. The name of the large international exhibition, Reoriented, exhibiting works of artists from the Nordic countries and the Middle East, carries more than one meaning. It aims at the reorientation taking place in Boden right now, where the local development mirrors global shifts. But it also aims at the radical changes in the Middle East, with its often tumultuous courses.

The exhibition is a natural continuation of the exhibition of 2010: The Russians are coming!, where artists from Russia and the Nordic countries showed works dealing with borders, war and fear. Boden was built to defend Sweden against Russia, the then enemy in the east, but now soldiers in Boden are being trained to take a more active part in conflicts abroad. Preferably in the Middle East. Here is yet another reorientation: the line of defence against Russia is now moved further south.

Co-Curator: Jack Persekian