Every year, Havremagasinet awards a scholarship to a class from year 8 in Norrbotten. Scholarship this year went to the eighth graders at Svarträven’s school in Övertorneå During the spring semester, the students worked with inspiration based on this summer’s international exhibition and now they are showing their work in their own exhibition on level 1A.

They have in different ways and with different techniques addressed the theme of language and communication. Elina, Wilma and Minja made a film/slide show that contains interviews where three people tell about what they think about communication. These people are of different ages with different views and perceptions about what communication is for them. Elina, Wilma and Minja have filmed and recorded the sounds on their mobile phones and transferred them to the computer where they edited everything together and added pictures.

Maya, Celina, Cornelia, Hanna and Linnéa have made a globe that shows how the earth’s population can communicate between the different countries, where the world is united through different social media, letters and phone calls. They have also made a bench with two people whose mobiles are bigger than themselves. This represents the sadly bleak truth about how modern society is governed by mobiles and social media.

Milka, Ivar, Edvin and Elias’ project is about what greeting phrases are and about how different people, animals and even computers communicate. In the past, men used to bow and women curtsy. Of course, you could also just say hello, or shake hands, but nowadays you use phrases that are both simple and short. To show this in their project, they have printed out some notes in different languages ​​with different greeting phrases from the Nordic countries and countries from the rest of the world. The phrases have been put in a bucket where people can randomly pick them and find out how to greet here and there. They have also included in their presentation how some animals communicate. Because, as they themselves say, “it is our duty to take care of the animals, to understand what they are saying and that their feelings are important”. As a background to all these phrases, they have used color, because each color has its meaning and people can express themselves in different ways through colors.