In the exhibition programme of Havremagasinet the local art history is always represented by means of exhibitions with works of the Boden school artists.

This time we chose to focus on one of the artists in the group: John Thorgren (1918 – 2000). One may find the theme of the exhibition; portraits, somewhat unexpected as Thorgren is mostly known for his large-sized landscape paintings, but here one is given a rare chance to get to know his portrait painting better.

John Thorgren was born in Sandsele and moved to Boden for a military career. His interest in art gradually gained precedence and in the 1950s he left military service.

On the subject of starting to paint on an empty, white canvas, Thorgren has said: “Then I start with the color I feel like at that moment. It has always been like that; different days I want to work with different colors. Suddenly I can feel red, blue, yellow or anything. It is hard to explain, but this is how I perceive it in my body. I make stains here and there on the canvas with the color I’ve chosen, to see where it may lead. Then I increase those stains, trying to make it work. One has to carry on staining till it suddenly becomes denser. And then the picture grows… the color has always guided me, ever since I was young.”