Now the inhabitants of Boden are given a chance to show their own works of the Boden school artists in the exhibition BODENSARNAS BODENSKOLAN. On May 12 – 13, one simply brings the paintings to Havremagasinet, where a jury selects the pieces that will be shown at Havremagasinet.

Bodensarnas Bodenskolan (The Bodeners Boden School) is an exhibition showing works of the 14 artists, known under the common name Bodenskolan, that the inhabitants of Boden have at their homes. To organize a day reminding of “Antiques Roadshow”, where the citizens are invited to come and show their private art pieces for a selection to this year’s exhibition creates an even bigger interest in these artists. Here we have the chance to meet art which usually is not for everyone; here the private art turns public. It is a quite unique situation to have had that many active artists in small town far up in the north of Sweden, and the leading idea is that Havremagasinet continuously will exhibit these artists.