Since the early 1990s, Mats Bigert and Lars Bergström have been interested in extreme weather phenomena and climate-related issues. The weather and human impact on the climate, not least the desire to influence it, are recurring themes of their oeuvre. Their work often exists at the intersection of man, nature and science. With a conceptual turn, they highlight the importance of artistic creativity as a means to explain complex relationships. They first began their creative partnership in 1986 and have since become internationally recognized for a wide range of art projects ranging from large-scale sculptures and installations to performance and film. The duo is known to analyze current societal and environmental issues, often using humor as a tool.

With an artistically creative approach and a conceptual starting point, they succeed in visualizing important connections between climate and human influence. In the present exhibition they want to problematize how science and technology have sought to control the weather and to create artificial climates. The weather constantly affects us, both physically and mentally and it has influenced history through its unpredictability.

With creative new thinking and penetrating humor they point to the climate’s drastic changes as the most important issue of our time, ultimately determining human survival and the earth as a sustainable planet for all living things.

The exhibition presents several works that originate in what could be called geoengineering projects – attempts to artificially influence climate and weather. In these extensive art projects, Bigert & Bergström deal with the effects of global warming and study climate-related issues from a historical, scientific and social perspective. They leave the studio for research trips and art actions in an expanded public sphere, for example in The Weather War, where they try among others to divert a tornado in the United States with a machine invented by a Russian scientist. among others.