Heikki Willamo´s work includes a deep dive in animal species that has made Finland their new home. His photographs reinforces worrying, but at the same time discrete, changes in local ecosystems by introduced species.

Heikki Willamo has published – alone and in co-operation with others – twenty photography-books, his works are frequently exhibited internationally. Furthermore, Willamo writes and illustrates for journals and he reads lectures where he presents the result of his photographic research.

The works on show at Havremagasinet depict animals that just recently made the landscapes and forests of Finnland their new home. Humans had their stake in that like they do on all continents. For economic opportunities, for hobbies, through international trade and global travel but also due to a changing climate, countless species have been brought, moved or pushed into ecosystems where they were not at home, all within the last 500 years. In these environments, new species often lack natural predators and thrive while, at the same time, driving local species towards extinction. Heikki Willamo’s photographs depict these highly concerning changes in blurry and faint images that symbolize the difficulty to grasp the subtle changes to local ecosystems through any ‘imported’ species. Furthermore, the works provide a new a perspective to the manmade changes of the environment in Scandinavia.

Heikki about his own practice: “I mostly work in my home area, and I am particularly interested in the life and atmosphere in old forests. I am fascinated by the relation and connections between man and animals – now and in the days gone by.”