Kjetil Berge and Jason Havneraas contribute to the reflections on the fundamental changes that we, as individuals, as national societies and as a global society, are facing that include collective actions and performative ceremonies. What role does spirituality play in addressing this unprecedented process of change, from a perspective where traditional religious belief systems lose relevance and influence? How can we get a grip on climate change in a global scale? Wouldn´t it be much easier to feel and experience directly through our own bodies?

Kjetil Berge and Jason Havneraas have been frequent collaborators since 2013. In their videos, the artists use themselves and acquaintances, often in elaborate settings, blurring boundaries between digital and analogue technologies, and connecting their respective faith based upbringings with their everyday lives.

The artists have taken an intuitive approach to blending their respective practices into a shared one, which neither could manifest alone. This started with singing duets of popular songs, chosen with pathos and a love of the idiosyncrasies of translating English into New Norwegian. Two languages, two nationalities and two generations are spanned and blended. The results of this union are addressed with earnest solemnity. The figure of the lay preacher, putting on their Sunday costume and switching from their animated everyday self to a figure of questionably plausible authority, is an inspiration and foil. A shared love of the innate pomp and circumstance traditionally required to separate the everyday from the sublime, is upended. ‘Why not both, all the time?’ Berge and Havneraas ask.

Havneraas and Berge’s previous collaborative exhibitions include Dear Day, Podium, Oslo 2016, NAVIDAD at Telemark Kunstsenter, Skien 2015 and Behold Silvery Cosmic Spheres of Light at Atelier Nord, Oslo, in 2018, as well as numerous performances and group show contributions.