Mattias Käll´s work puts the remains of our everyday life in focus by collecting his family's plastic waste for one year. We have exhibited a sculpture of Käll outside in the yard along with a serie of photographs inside in the elevator.

Packaged – An investigative art project about plastic

Mattias Käll:

“I am worried about how we use oil. Oil that is made attractive and turned into plastics that are used in everything from cosmetics and clothes to cars, electronics and packaging. Practically everything we buy is packaged. It is often made of plastic. Sometimes several layers. It is worry about our overconsumption and our normalised relationship to something which is so dangerous for us, which forms the starting point for this project.

For a year, I collected all the plastic packaging that our family obtained when buying different things. I collected it in the council recycling bags, month by month documenting the growing quantity of bags. I took them out into the nature and photographed them like a red rash on the landscape. Because this is where they end up sooner or later, even though the plastics are then fragmented into hardly visible micro plastic, or completely invisible carbon dioxide molecules.

To me, this is a way to make the danger visible.

One important part of the project is the places I choose and the effort of carrying the plastic. I choose places I like – places where I really do not want to see plastic. To carry plastic is physically strenuous and it is interesting to wrestle with the plastic. Something which otherwise is purely abstract, troublesome, in my project becomes concrete and sweaty.

The results of my work include 12 photographs and one sculpture, but also all the plastic bags and a cast of my oldest son’s leg. Bad What kind of legacy am I leaving?”