When Bengt Frank outlined his work På väg (Underway) which he is showing here at Havremagasinet he spontaneously gave the small toy cars the numbers 3, 8 and 5. Just out of interest he googled the number combination and thus found the 385 laughs. The ones said to disappear somewhere along the road between childhood and adult life. According to scientists a child laughs on average 400 times a day. An adult 15.

The story reflects Bengt Frank’s vision about himself as an artist. He describes his art as naïve and innocent and the artist within him needs to be childish in order to keep the rigid at bay. Miracles occur in fragile moments.

There is also a counterbalance – a severity that might belong to a military Boden heritage within which he was once fostered and which in summer 2010 resulted in the work Pappa var är du? (Dad where are you?) here at Havremagasinet. He then built up a room around a small figure wearing frieze trousers. The wallpaper in the room was a blown up photo from 1949, of a group of militaries, conscripts and officers from one of Boden’s many regiments.

Now he is placing cartooned figures in toy cars. One of the drivers has a speech bubble. A challenge: What can be said about the present in one single sentence?