Not only are Lena and Anita Ylipää artists trained at Konstfack (University College of Arts, Crafts and Design), Lena in metal and Anita in design, but they are also sisters, with everything that entails, such as shared memories and lifelong Contact.

Lena Ylipää lives in Boden and works, alongside her own artistry, as an art consultant for the Norrbotten County Council. Anita Ylipää lives in the Polish countryside, overlooking magnificent mountains, for parts of the year.

Their common geographical place is called Lainio, a small village by the Lainio River. There they have both their roots and homes and it was there they became aware of the power and joy of creating together.

Stugungar (cabin kids) was the title of their first organised cooperation in connection with Lainio’s annual culture week. An intimate story, told with images and text, about the many stays in the family cabin during childhood, which evoked many of the viewers’ memories. In Lainio they also created a both physical and digital museum for unknown objects with all the unidentified objects they had found hidden in the old houses.

At Kiruna Airport, they exhibited their old letters, written to each other during their travels. Together these letters created a six-metre long wave of text and images with the title Hej kära syster! (Dear sister!).

Now Lena and Anita Ylipää address their memories of when they shared a flat in Kiruna during an important couple of years, 1986 – 1989, when they were both adolescents on the verge of adulthood. A report of a time when thoughts on politics, society, music, relationships, sisterhood and the future were shaped, far from the flow of information we are used to these days. The title sound obvious: Rapport utan väder och sport (Report without the weather and the sports).