For Simon Berg, born and raised in Boden, the road to photographic art started with his interest for graphic form and the Russian constructivists. Having worked for a few years with colour, shape and different types of material he started photographing in order to have the possibility to compose pictures, a skill he refined during his art school educations such as Östra Grevie and Gamleby. Upon completion of his studies there, he went on to study for another five years at Valand Academy in Gothenburg, the only education within artistic photography at university level in Sweden. Nowadays he works in Stockholm.

Simon Berg has a fascination for the physical and the carnal, the warm, sticky, which he often combines with hard shiny metallic materials – existentially fundamental if you like. The technique is consistent – snapshots taken in flashlight, mercilessly revealing the small details of everyday life. Dull, commonplace things that we are used to seeing, small changes in his own hands or feet, the dirt under a finger nail, the colour of skin or the sausage falling out of its tin, a leather belt thrown over the back of a chair – caught in the moment these become both awkward and interesting discoveries.

Simon Berg himself claims to be working with classical still life tradition, where especially the craftsmanship is important – he uses an analogue colour film in a medium format camera when photographing. He has participated in several exhibitions both in Sweden as well as internationally and has published the books (III), The monkey is afraid and The pleasure of sucking and accepting things into the mouth.

Here at Havremagasinet he shows a larger compilation of pictures that all focus on skin body and flesh.