The group is in a permanent dialogue with science-fiction focusing on our present technological environment and near future imaginary scenarios. EEEFFF combines artistic practices with computer science, science fiction, software and hardware hacks.

The poetic interest of the collaborative initiative is the gap – respectively the intersection – between the algorithm as a form of mathematical modeling, the social imagination and the very specific implementation of algorithms in social, political and economical structures. EEEFFF is speculatively mapping the technological environment of Norrbotten, specifically in the Boden-Luleå area, aiming at exposure of the forces that form this landscape. Who, how and under what circumstances controls the data flows, who has the resources to store data and to mine it?

The group EEEFFF will present their research-based project Traffic Loop immersed into the specific digital landscape of Norrbotten, while being set in the new Global at the same time (by including Moscow and Minsk in its orbits). The work’s fictional imaginary is based on complex timing and inhuman velocity of computational processes. Traffic Loop focuses on disrupting the Internet on an infrastructural level and challenges the concepts of centralization and decentralization respectively. How can abstraction processes speak to us? What is the materiality of abstraction and how we can perceive it?

The goal is to touch the border between computable and uncomputable, using mutations and joy of mixing of what was not intended to be mixed, disrupting the subject that is deeply grounded in the forms of affective economies of today where a person cannot be not a user.

Technically, Traffic Loop is infinitely forwarded data, in circles and over existing digital infrastructure (cables, servers, data centers). ”You’re always at the beginning and always at the end” (Ray Brassier, philosopher). Traffic Loop is a meta-circle to visualize how infrastructural digital processes work schematically. Locked in time, or on the contrary, unlocked – Traffic Loop is by all meaning defunct. Having an infinite loop is every system administrator’s nightmare.

Located in the non-place of digital infrastructure, one narrative of Traffic Loop is based on the idea of an anti-data center (or data-anti-center), that would break the dominating logic of possession of information – its accumulation and protected ownership – on the very fundamental hardware level. The artists’ attempt is to build a parallel structure to the Internet with its usefulness put ad absurdum. To lay groundwork for an idea that is useless from the perspective of mainstream technological discourse. Infrastructure becomes visible only when it’s broken and thus for it becoming visible it is not relevant what data is being transported (and eventually fragmented inside this large data collider). Nomadic data fragments that roam between datacenters through cables that entangle our entire planet.