Graduated with a BA in photography from RMIT, Melbourne, spent a year as an exchange student at The Art Institute of Chicago and another summer trying to get an MFA from Bard College in upstate New York.

Their* practice incorporates everything and anything, including – video, photography, performance, food, drawing, sound, installation, and modes of sustainable living. Queerying everything, they often unselfconsciously manifest “the inappropriate/d other”  – one whom you cannot appropriate and one who is inappropriate. Experiencing their works entails entering alter-curious worlds riddled with fact, fiction, poetry and mythology, that compel us to engage with layered propositions on the relationships between interspecies, ecology, gender, post-porn, sexuality and consciousness. Having recently come out as an ecosexual, they think of themselves as ‘some kind of artist working on some kind of nature’.

Between the Waves, a 5-channel video installation marks a turning point towards queer ecology in Shah’s practice. It tells the viewers a grand narrative, figuratively and metaphorically, as if they have created a new story of the origin of species that has been forgotten for a long time, or has been found from the distant future, something that seems out of place everywhere.

* We have avoided using personal pronouns as an experiment and expression of retirement from gender conformity.