After many years of working with sculpture as a medium of expression, the need to find a language that could give an account of the crisis, and the doubts she was experiencing at a particular moment in life, required a change. At the age of 50 Sara Edström began to make music. Words had to come out, and music didn’t dress the very strong and intimate confessions that Sara Edström needed to voice out. In turn, music weighted words with a body, exposing it in the thematics, bringing it forth with movements and dance, grounding the voice, giving it weight, raising it up and down as the rhythm of the songs set. She calls these series of sound and video works her Midlife Crisis Pop Songs.

The work presented at the exhibition is a selection of the songs she wrote and produced during the quarantine days she spend in her studio in Berlin the past months, under the current recommendations for to reduce the spreading of the corona virus. These songs are thus a document of the reflections and thoughts produced in solitude, yet again in the middle of a crisis, although from another kind.

Sara has said “I have nothing to say. Nothing that has not been said millions of times before. Said by others much better(…). The order is stuck in the body. They come out of my flesh. It is not something separated and cerebral with the words. They are as ugly as I am. Equally banal and equally awkward”. And yet, she finds the words and the rhythms to say all these that sounds so familiar for many of us. And she manages to say it a new, to say it strongly, for the words that want to come out are prized words… for to speak out is also to believe that someone else is listening, and because these words… “that we are all just as valuable as anybody”, are perhaps worth something for someone else.

Sara Edström was born in 1968 in Luleå, Sweden, where she lives and works. She works primarily with sculpture in long processes, oscillating between the detailed studies of humans and abstracted sections of the body, skin and hair. To endure to live in Norrbotten, Sara Edström was in 2006 co-founder of the artist-run space Galleri Syster in Luleå showing Swedish and international contemporary art. She and her colleagues lacked the art that interested them and felt that living in the geographic periphery they had to create their own center. Sara has done several public commissions in Norrbotten. Sara also has extensive experience in project management, such as from Luleå International Biennial and Havremagasinet Konsthall in Boden. After three years of studying art at Sunderbyns Folkhögskola 20 years ago, she has worked as an artist.