About the artwork

Tributary is based on film and scientific data from the rivers Tana, Torne, Lutto, Oulujoki and Neiden, all of which form parts of larger river systems on Finland’s outskirts. Since the last ice age, and over some 2000 generations, fish populations in the rivers have evolved, subtly adapting to each river’s unique ecosystem. This has not prevented species such as salmon and trout from developing anadromous life cycles: they start life as freshwater fish in rivers, spending their adult life in oceanic saltwater, before returning to the rivers to spawn. As border rivers are rarely subject to industrialisation or damming there are few, if any, obstacles to the fishes’ migrations.

About the artist
Antti Tenetz (Finland) is an artist and environmentalist. Working interdisciplinarily, his work often utilizes scientific methods in order to depict natural and cultural phenomena such as climate change, environmental issues and biodiversity. Employing technological equipment such as drones, his documentary work can border on surveillance. Tenetz is educated at the Faculty of Arts at Lapland University.