About the artwork
Water Always Seeks the Line of Least Resistance
Water is an ancient and contradictory symbol representing danger and hope, doom and salvation. A central theme of Jet Pascua’s Water Always Seeks the Line of Least Resistance is the ocean as a dividing – but also unifying – force. The work consists of a series of autonomous assemblages, created from painting, drawing and found materials. With their interplay between brute materiality and fragments of almost photorealistic drawing, the works present a fractured expression, evoking notions of egress and of half-supressed recollection.

About the artist
Jet Pascua works in performance and film, as well as objects and drawing, and his work often reflects upon his own experiences as an immigrant coming from the Philippines to Norway. While often personal, his art also commonly involves historical and political events. Pascua is educated at the Art Academies of Manila, Oslo and Bergen, and is the founder of the artist-run exhibition space Small Projects in Tromsø.