About the artwork
The Invading, Invasive Palm

Heracleum Tromsoensis – commonly known as the ‘Tromsø Palm’ – is a controversial, yet botanically and culturally significant plant. Probably native to the Middle East, it was introduced to Northern Norway by a British botanist in the 1830s, gaining popularity as a fashionable ornamental plant. Easily reaching a height of several metres, the sap has phototoxic properties that can cause severe dermatitis in humans. However, the plant is edible if prepared correctly, and is the subject of research for its potential medicinal properties. Although considered a weed it has nevertheless become a regional marker of identity, and an unofficial emblem of the City of Tromsø.

About the artist
Kristin Tårnes (NO) works with comprehensive place-specific projects, often researching conflicting phenomenon attached to a given space. Each project typically manifests itself in several individual artworks in the form of documentaries, texts or social events. Tårnes is educated at the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, and is currently based in Tromsø.