About the artwork

Imagine you died and came to hell. It turns out that hell is divided and you find yourself walking among multiple gates of nationalized hells as if you were in an amusement park picking your ride. Which hell would you choose? Let’s say you walk up to the Swedish hell and ask the guard, “What happens in here?”
“First you get to sit in a waiting room. There are electric chairs in there. Then they call your name and you get a private room with a bed of nails.”
“To sleep on?”
“Yes, you’ll get to lie down… a devil will come too, and whip you forever.”

You notice a huge entrance with AMERICAN HELL written in flashing letters and you get curious. How do they do hell in the US? That could be something extraordinary. You go there and ask. “First we strap you to an electric chair and send shocks through your body. Then we’ll lay you down on a bed of spikes and have one of our devils flog you endlessly.”
No matter what guard you ask, they all answer the same thing; electric chairs, beds of nails and eternal scourge.

You have almost given up hope when you see a long and winding queue to another hell further away. You walk up to the queue and ask, “What hell is this?”
“Ethiopia’s”, someone answers. That’s odd, you think, how come this hell is so popular? You stay in the queue and an hour later you get to ask the guard, “How do you make hell in here?”
“We have a special room with electric chairs that you have to sit in when you first enter. And then we’ll take you to a bed of nails end beat you eternally. ”
“But why do everyone want this? It’s the same as any other hell? ”
“Well … we are doing the best we can. But we’ve had some trouble with the electricity. Our electric chairs send no shocks. And the guy who used to do my job stole the nails out of our beds and opened his own hell just behind us.” the guard explains. And he continues, “And then, you know our devils are employed by the state. Our devils will make sure they whip you now and then, but most of the time they take long breaks, they go home early and they have regular staff meetings that take a lot of time from their duties.”