About the artwork
The real nature…does not allow borders

During their millennial existence, all the living beings on this planet have looked to walk on new paths, moved from one place to another. This activity has been necessary for life to continue its course in this world, it is an essential trait of each living being for its survival.

Both the physical and the mental borders that we have created for our own species and for those that surround us, have always been superseded by the evolution of nature, that has continued its course without incorporating such limitations. It only listens to one rule: To continue along its own path that is its own real existence.

This work presents roots as synonymous with our veins, in which instead of sap runs vital blood. They bring us to our origin, our ancestors, our history and our present. As such, paths are followed, walls crossed and barriers broken, to continue to exist and to reach one’s own emancipation, that which is one’s right.

Inside us our veins encounter each other, protected by our skin. But in this case, they are exteriorized, exposed, leaving them without protection, but with the goal of continuing to grow, find places, pass across walls, leaving behind traces of one’s existence.

In the distance, there is the sound of voices pleading us to come closer to be able to hear and comprehend their stories, and to thus comprehend our own.