“Fundamentally, it is about simplicity. To search for simplicity itself … and in unexpected simplicity, also to experience a form of beauty.”
Ulf Danielsson, professor of theoretical physics

Every one of us is the absolute centre of their own universe, around which everything evolves, more or less peripherally. A delimited point among an infinity of others, each perceiving the world from its own perspective. At a deeper level, the starting point for Multiversum has been humanity’s physical and mental place in space. Thoughts have revolved around humanity’s approach and movement therein, the perception of colour, form, sound and reality.

In Multiversum, artist Åsa Langert and composer Jens Hedman play with visual and audible motion in the room. The music and light slowly change which creates a dynamic exhibition in constant development. In the course of minutes you can see the natural light transform the colours on the canvases, which pulsate with life if you approach them, place your hand on them and listen.

Here, the visitor is not reduced to distant observer. On the contrary – the exhibition invites interaction with the works. Feel them, listen to them. Become one with them. Come close to their essence and be open to new experiences.

Musically, the room expands beyond these imaginary walls in several acoustic spaces which coexist, just like parallel universes.
At special points in the room you can both approach different parallel music voices and suddenly see visually disparate parts create a unit. The shattered, defragmented becomes as one.

If you move a millimeter or so, the exhibition, the situation, people and the world look completely different. Here it becomes a clear symbol of how the random, the separated, which we mistake for unity suddenly takes on a new meaning. To dare seeing something from another perspective and how it can open completely new worlds – this is one of many ideas behind Multiversum.

Åsa Langert’s large paintings with their visual layers of colour create questions surrounding what we actually see – what is real, true or false. Take your places, be absorbed by colour and music, enjoy.

“Beyond all that distinguishes, there is a fundamental unity. And in this unity resides beauty. In beauty resides eternity”
Göran Larsson, author and priest

Åsa Langert works as an artist both in Sweden and internationally. She belongs to a concrete, non-figurative tradition where the works are liberated from all depictive, abstracted elements. Interest focuses primarily on the emotional communication of colour and the playful explosivity of the line in dynamic movement.

Jens Hedman is an internationally recognised composer and sound artist who has received a number of awards for his work. His music and sound art, which explore spatiality, movement and sonority, have been performed at festivals, on the radio and at museums and galleries around the world. Hedman is also part of Spatial Opera Company and Sidén Hedman Duo, both working to develop the traditional concert format.