In its original design, the Senses Labs sensory “gym” comprises 12 black modules containing sounds, scents, tastes and tactile materials. The modules stand in a circle, as a “room within a room”. Visitors can interact and associate through colours and shapes and words surrounding their experience of the stimuli they encounter.

Three scent modules are on display at Havremagasinet, as part of the exhibition Sensory Art.

Do this:
• Sit on the stool with your face towards the module opening.
• Close your eyes for a short moment,
breathe in and out a few times, get in touch with your senses.
• Lean closer towards the opening and smell the scent behind the cloth.
• Continue in the same way with modules 2 and 3.
• Associate through colors, shapes and words around your experience.

The scents are approved ethereal oils and scented oils certified for public spaces. If you suffer from a fragrance allergy/oversensitivity to scents, do not take any risks nevertheless.

Cooperation partners: Maria Juhlin (Senses Labs), Tomas Juhlin (Senses Labs), Lars Holmgren (Nose AB), Studio Acusticum concert hall, Betaniastiftelsen Foundation, Stockholm.
Original design: “Sensory testing site, Studio Acusticum”.